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We digitize your business to another level

Lizit makes it easy for you to access a new market to expand your catalog and generate additional income.


How often...




You have lovedhave a digital platformto be able to sell more?

Have you lost customershave to demand a depositfor rent?

Have you lost a rent becauseyou don't have logisticsto take and collect the product?


i want to be a lizer

Being a Lizer you will have


Extra money

Rent your products with Lizit through our digital platform.

PRODUCTOS ASEGURADOS_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 3.png

insured products

We provide insurance for the items during the rental and there is no need for a deposit.



Don't worry! We help you with the delivery and collection of the product. 

Gana dinero extra alquilando productos

What is a lizer?

Company (Legal Entity) or Natural Person thatPut in rent your productsfor a certain period of time with Lizit.

whatI eatcan i become a lizer?

complete the formwith the data and we will be contacting you.

Form to be Lizer

Thanks for joining!

How does it work?

Schedule a meetingwithushere and youwe help

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