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  • How many products can I offer or request for rent?
    The ones you want! We have no limits on the number of products or experiences. If you are a Lizer you can freely manage your catalog under your availability.
  • How does product insurance work?
    The value of the insurance corresponds to 0.0602% of the insurance commercial value per day that the product is rented. This value will be assumed 50% by the end user and 50% by the Lizer (company or natural person who rents their products). The insurance covers the entire property minus the insurer's traditional deductible. Examples of insurance calculation: Commercial value of the item: $1,000,000 COP Calculation of the insurance value per day: $602 COP Value to pay per rental day (User): $301 COP Value to pay per rental day (Lizer): $301 COP
  • What does the insurance cover?
    The insurance of the products in Lizit App covers the following: Loss Theft (theft) Partial damage Total Damage Civil Liability
  • What is the process in case I had any damage or inconvenience with the product?
    You can contact our customer support line where you must send photographic evidence of the situation and later our customer service team together with the insurer will take care of the rest. This refund process can take between 10-15 business days.
  • How does the shipping and logistics of the products work?
    We offer three types of shipping and logistics: 1. Lizit offers the option of delivery and collection of the product to the user at an additional cost to the rental value. 2. Lizer Logistics: If you are a Lizer and you have your own shipping method that you want to implement, you can do so. 3. Own logistics: As a user you can manage your own logistics of picking up and delivering the product at your own cost.
  • How much does it cost to rent or publish on Lizit App?
    We have zero fixed costs! We only charge our service fee for 10% of the rental value to the user and to the Lizer for a successful transaction. In the marketplace you can see the price of each product or experience. If you are Lizer and you publish your products for rent, you set the price!
  • What is it to be a Lizer and how can I become one?
    A Lizer is any natural or legal person who offers their products or experiences for rent within the marketplace. Very easy, register in our app, attach your information and bank account to complete your registration successfully and upload the products you want to rent and earn extra money.
  • How to upload a product for rent?
    Here in this link you can see the step by step of how to upload the products you want to rent.;/view/Infographic Product Registration Manual Version 2.0_compressed.pdf

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